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AOTS - May 7th, 2008

Premiered on May 07, 2008

Moon Child, Devil May Cry, Arang
Asian Underground
Asian Underground

You think you know about underground cinema? Let’s see how confident you are when Chris Gore reaches deep into his vault and pulls out little known movies from the Far East. This stuff is more underground than hell! Forget the lackluster...

Who's Who on YouTube?: illumistream
Who's Who on YouTube
Who's Who On YouTube?

There are any number of colorful characters floating around on YouTube. Most of them are talentless hacks just looking for attention or young rapscallions who enjoy humiliating their friends in front of a web audience of millions, but some are a...

Anna David answers questions about sexual tension and romance.
In Your Pants
Sex On The Streets With Anna David

Every week, Anna David answers your sex and romance questions in the safety and calm of our studios and she does a bang up job, but recently she decided to do something a bit different, something more raw and exciting. Rather than wait for you...

Alex Albrecht interviews the host of "Man vs. Wild," Bear Grylls.
The Loop
One On One With Bear Grylls

There are a lot of different ways to define “macho.” Personally, we don’t think a guy is masculine because he likes guns and blowing things up. Admittedly, that stuff is pretty cool, but to us a real man is one who can survive in...

Sprint+ Clearwire = WiMax!, Amazon Kicks it Old School, The Debate Goes On, Mach 5 Races Iron Man, The "Spirit" of Christmas
The Feed
The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh 05.07.08

Sprint+ Clearwire = WiMax!, Amazon Kicks it Old School, The Debate Goes On, Mach 5 Races Iron Man, The "Spirit" of Christmas

AOTS takes a look at blogs which discuss future technology and architecture.
Blog Watch
Future Blogs

It would be cool if you had the power to see into the future. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got psychic powers that ain’t going to happen, not in the traditional way at least. However, you can check out today’s blogs and see the...

Layla talks about media based technology that you can take with you.
Attack This
Portable Tech

We remember when computers first started becoming commonplace among consumers. Let us tell you, we were hooked right away. The problem was, when morning rolled around and we were forced to go to school, bloodshot though our eyes were, we had to...

Around the Net
Around the Net 05.07.08

Around the Net is like sugar. A little bit makes anything better. However, too much overloads the senses and that’s no good. So, we have to carefully monitor and ration the funny videos every day. If we gave you too much web goodness at one...