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AOTS - April 25th, 2008

Premiered on April 25, 2008

In today's Loop, we talk with Garth Jennings, director of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.'
The Loop
One On One With Garth Jennings

When you first saw John Rambo rip his enemies to shreds in movie theaters, you probably wanted to be him. Today’s guest more than likely felt the same way. However, instead of transforming himself into a grizzled, muscular killing...

A look at the website that tells you how to...do...everything, Wonder-How-To.
Web Tools
Wonder How To

Have you ever wanted to do something cool like build a ship in a bottle or overclock your computer processor, but had no idea how? It’s a frustrating feeling. Let us, or rather, Wonder How To take away your frustration. If you need to know...

Around the Net

Although Mondays usually suck, this coming Monday, April 28th is going to be awesome! Why? GTA IV comes out the day after! Accordingly, today’s ATN wasn’t put together to dispel your work-related depression, but to enhance your GTA...

The Daily Feed With Kristin Holt 4.25.08
The Feed
The Daily Feed with Kristin Holt 4.25.08

Kristin Holt gives us the rundown on all the day's news you need to know.

Military Tech: Interrogating Devices
Gadget Pr0n
Military Tech: Interrogating Devices

We take a look at some of the better interrogating devices on the market today.

A look at the most delicious women on the web...for this week, at least.
Women of the Web
Women of the Web: 4.25.08

A look at the most delicious women on the web...for this week, at least.