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AOTS - March 17th, 2008

Premiered on March 17, 2008

Kevin tests out and reviews the B-70 Breathalyzer.
Gadget Pr0n
B-70 Breathalyzer

Every now and again we like to slow things down, dim the lights, lie down by the fireplace (perhaps put on some Barry White) and play with our gadgets. That’s not code for anything; we mean it in a literal sense, so put the whipped cream and...

Kevin talks with indie game designer and creator of the rhythm game, "Audiosurf," Dylan Fitterer about the future of independent game development.
The Loop
One-On-One With Dylan Fitterer

If the recent indie game sensation, Audiosurf has taught the gaming community anything it’s that you don’t have to be a game developer the size of EA to make a hit. In fact, the game (a unique racer that creates race tracks based on the...

Awesome Basketball Shot, Disco Ernie: Bone on Bone, Andy's Dad, Tom Cruise's Birthday, LAPD at Anonymous March
Around the Net
Saint Patrick's Day

AOTS takes a look at blogs dedicated to fine brew.
Blog Watch
Beer Blogs

Despite our innocent naivety (which allows us to get away with so much over the top action on the show), we’re well aware that at least a portion of our audience drinks. This BlogWatch is catered to you buzz chasers. It’s a list of the...

Olivia shows you the items that are necessary for a killer beer bash.
Attack This
B.Y.O.B. Parties

Are you a hard partier? Do you tie one on more often than your average college student? If so, today’s products are for you (you’ll need these if you’re throwing or attending a major booze bash). Sure, you could probably stand to...

Scientology vs. Anonymous, Facebook Yakking, File Sharing Kinshi, No YouTube News for China
The Feed
The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh 03.17.08

Scientology vs. Anonymous, Facebook Yakking, File Sharing Kinshi, No YouTube News for China