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AOTS - January 21st, 2013

Premiered on January 21, 2013

AOTS Classics
Best Stunts of AOTS

Celebrate the 1,000th episode with some of the best stunts that Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn have suffered through to bring laughter and joy to your television set.

AOTS Classics
Flashback: McHammer

When AOTS goes live, we really mean it. And especially when Olivia Munn misreads the teleprompter back in 2007.

Kevin Pereira's Greased Pig

Kevin Pereira's dream finally comes true! Olivia Munn gives him 30 seconds to catch a greased pig to win the coveted Wet Hog Trophy.

Candace Bailey Eats It All
Vision Quest
Candace Bailey Eats It All

Being the Attack of the Show co-host requires a strong stomach, so it's only perfect that Candace Bailey puts her own taste buds to the limit with Blair Herter by eating some of the grossest things imaginable.

Candace Bailey's Rage Face-Off

Kevin Pereira challenges Candace Bailey to the AOTS Rage Face-Off.

AOTS Exclusive
Candace Bailey Faces Her Bug Phobia

Candace Bailey is treated to a round of exposure therapy with Chris Giacoletti from Action Reptiles as they bring hissing cockroaches, beetles, scorpions and spiders to the set. With Sara Underwood and Kevin Pereira there, nothing can go wrong with live bugs in studio, right?

Alpaca Point Break

An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a bank robber who also may be a surfing alpaca. This is definitely one of the Movies That Don't Suck.

Gruff-Off with Steve Austin and Kevin Pereira

Steve Austin and Kevin Pereira challenge each other to a Gruff-Off featuring lines sent in via Twitter from AOTS fans. Find out who wins!

AOTS Exclusive
American Kitten Warrior

The crazy obstacle course of Mt. Midoriyama makes it stateside with American Kitten Warrior, a feline version of G4's 'American Ninja Warrior.' Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey will be pitting two kittens against one another to find out who will make it through the course in 60 seconds.

Kevin and Olivia Take Shots Of Hot Sauce

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn take on a special MEGA DARE when they go one-for-one with shots of (you guessed it) hot sauce. Don't worry, things don't get too messy, but if you've ever wondered what happens when you take more than 4 shots of Cholula in a row, well...Now you know.

Taxidermy Olympics

The finest dead and stuffed animals from around the Southern California area gather to determine which are the best at Olympic sports in this, the Taxidermy Olympics.