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AOTS - January 15th, 2013

Premiered on January 15, 2013

Best of Olivia '09: Olivia's Early Years

Meet the captivating and alluring Olivia Munn. Dezin Charles (Paul Scheer) sits down with the AOTS co-host for an in-depth interview about her humble beginnings as a child star.

best of olivia_ninja
Best of Olivia '09: The Ninja Warrior Training Regimen

Olivia Munn reveals how she was able to conquer the grueling obstacles of the Ninja Warrior course.

best of olivia_newmags
AOTS Exclusive
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia on the Cover of Maxim, Complex Magazine and More

The Best of Olivia continues with Dezin Charles who digs deep with Olivia Munn about her start on Attack of the Show, her Maxim Magazine cover, as well as her appearances in Complex, University Link, MyMag, Beyond Race Magazine and more.

best of olivia_shatner
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia Encounters William Shatner

Olivia Munn reveals the not so happy side of her life story with interviewer Dezin Charles after one fateful moment with William Shatner led to a dark downward spiral.

best of olivia_breakingnews
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia Pawns Off Her Playboy Magazines for Pie

Olivia Munn slowly loses control and is caught pawning off her Playboy magazines for pie.

best of olivia_interview
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia is a Fantastic Interviewer

From Hollywood luminaries, like Elijah Wood and Michael Clark Duncan to great minds like Dr. Drew and sexy adult starlets like Sasha Grey, Olivia Munn has interviewed the biggest celebs in the entertainment business and done it better than anybody else and this highlight reel is the proof.

bear psa_solo
Best of Olivia '09: E.B.B.G.A.S.F. PSA Video

Charity head and activist, Olivia Munn asks for donations to her organization, which will feed wild bears better food than you can afford to eat this holiday season. To help, please call (970) 8-BEAR-8-U.

best of olivia_cosplay
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia's Cosplay Fetish

As her life headed further off track, Olivia Munn's eccentric hobby of wearing costumes became uncontrollable. Olivia reveals what all the horrors she went through.

best of olivia_pie
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia Develops a Pie Obsession

In her despair, Olivia Munn turns her love affair with open faced pastry desserts into a serious addiction, leading to her infamous pie jump.

best of olivia_bear
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia's Brown Bear Charity

Olivia Munn isn't just a pretty face, she's also the brains behind E.B.B.G.A.S.F., a charity which feeds gourmet sandwiches to hungry bears. Listen to her plea for help, and please, give what you can to support this noble cause.

best of olivia_acting
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia's Acting Reel

Olivia shows clips of her appearances in some of Hollywood's greatest blockbusters, like 'Girlverine,' 'The Spirit,' 'Star Trek,' 'Watchmen' and 'Inspector Gadget.'

Best of Olivia '09: What's Coming Up for Olivia in 2010

2009 may have been the Year of Olivia Munn, but 2010 looks to be even more promising. Dezin Charles finds out what's in store for our alluring Olivia, including a special sneak peek at her new feature film.

Thelma and Louis - Avatar - HD
Best of Olivia '09: Thelma & Louise II: Avatars of Pandora Full Trailer

It's the full HD trailer for Olivia Munn's Sci-Fi blockbuster, that blends the outstanding visual effects of 'Avatar' with the touching story of friendship from 'Thelma & Louise,' Thelma & Louise II: Avatars of Pandora.

best of olivia_kevin
Best of Olivia '09: Kevin Pereira: Co-Host, Friend

TV's favorite lady, Olivia Munn talks about what it's been liking hosting television's most outrageous program, Attack of the Show with her talented, male counterpart and dear friend, Kevin Pereira.

best of olivia_alan
Best of Olivia '09: Olivia's Love Affair with Alan Thicke

At long last, Olivia reveals the graphic details about her torrid love affair with actor and songwriter, Alan Thicke.