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AOTS - January 8th, 2013

Premiered on January 08, 2013

AOTS Exclusive
God, No! with Penn Jillette

Comedian Penn Jillette sits down with Kevin Pereira to talk about his new book, 'God, No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales,' where he reinterprets the 10 Commandments. Learn more about the book and what's coming up for Penn & Teller fans!

The Loop
Bill Nye The Science Guy On Creationism & The Importance Of Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been teaching youth about the wonders of science but now he's taking on a whole new battle. He talks to Michael Ian Black about his recent video on the perils of teaching creationism to today's youth.

Movies and TV
Astronaut Mike Massimino on Hubble 3D

Space nerd alert! Real life astronaut Mike Massimino lands on the AOTS studio to talk about his new IMAX movie, 'Hubble 3D' and working in the final frontier.

AOTS Exclusive
Mark Cuban Talks Google TV & Tech

Mark Cuban is known for owning the Dallas Mavericks, appearing on HBO's 'Entourage' and probably being the most enviable man in America. Tonight, he sits down with Kevin Pereira to share his thoughts on technology, from Google TV to the world of digital media.

Movies and TV
Dan Harmon On What Really Happened With Community

Dan Harmon joins Marc Maron in studio for the inside scoop on what really happened with NBC's 'Community' and what's coming up for his diehard fans.

Movies and TV
James Cameron on Avatar Re-Release

James Cameron is in studio to celebrate the re-release of his record breaking 'Avatar' and tell us what fans can expect from the new footage, how he spent his birthday underwater and more.

Gadget Pr0n
Avatar's Cameron-Pace 3D Camera Rig

Director James Cameron joins Kevin Pereira for a special Gadget Pr0n as they take a look at the Cameron-Pace 3D camera rig, the same camera used to create the 3D effects of the award winning movie.