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AOTS - July 20th, 2012

Premiered on July 20, 2012

Movies and TV
Jason Biggs Talks Grassroots

Jason Biggs returns to the AOTS studios to talk about his latest film, 'Grassroots,' about an unlikely political candidate in Seattle.

Who's Who on YouTube
Smut Cave Is Who's Who On YouTube

The YouTube shenanigans of Smut Cave have long been featured on 'Attack of the Show,' but we're excited to finally present them in the latest edition of Who's Who On YouTube as we talk to creator Nick Fiore about his cult videos.

AOTS Exclusive
Weston Scott Visits OFASTS 2012

We're back for another year at the OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show) where Weston Scott gets his hands on the craziest weapons ever--and blows up cars packed with explosives! This time, he checks out a Humvee mounted mini-gun that can fire roughly 4,000 rounds per minute.

Around the Net 2011
Around the Net
Around The Net 7.16.12

Epic Lake Jump, Fishing Surprise, Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Gadget Pr0n
Toshiba Excite 7.7 Tablet

The new Toshiba Excite 7.7 comes with a 7.7" screen, Android's latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS and a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor for only $499. So how do all the features play out? Matt Mira and Sara Underwood take a look on Gadget Pr0n.

Movies and TV
The Dark Knight Rises Cast Interviews

The Dark Knight Rises finally opens in theaters this week! Tiffany Smith catches up with the cast, including Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman and director Christopher Nolan about the final installment in their Batman trilogy where a new terrorist leader, Bane, takes over Gotham City.

Casa De Mi Padre, Friends With Kids, The Three Stooges

Chris Gore is back from Comic-Con with even more DVD and Blu-ray release picks for the week, including Will Ferrell's 'Casa De Mi Padre' and the reboot of 'The Three Stooges,' as well as 'Friends With Kids.'

AOTS Exclusive
Weston Scott Rides the Ugly Angel Vietnam Era Helicopter at OFASTS

Weston Scott is still at OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show) and boards the Ugly Angel Vietnam era helicopter with a M-60 machine gun to eliminate a car from the skies.