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AOTS - July 17th, 2012

Premiered on July 17, 2012

Movies and TV
Lance Reddick On Dr0ne, Fringe & More

Lance Reddick stops by to talk about his new web series, 'Dr0ne,' which debuts in August, as well as the last season of 'FRINGE' and more!

AOTS Exclusive
Weston Scott vs. Zombies At OFASTS 2012

Weston Scott reports back from this year's OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show) with even crazier weapons to fight a hoard of zombie targets, like a 30 caliber hip fire machine gun and more.

Casa De Mi Padre, Friends With Kids, The Three Stooges

Chris Gore is back from Comic-Con with even more DVD and Blu-ray release picks for the week, including Will Ferrell's 'Casa De Mi Padre' and the reboot of 'The Three Stooges,' as well as 'Friends With Kids.'

The Feed
The Daily Feed with Sara Underwood 7.17.12

Check out Sara Underwood on The Feed with the latest on changes to iOS 6, NASA's Mars Rover game for the Xbox 360, how one hacker broke out of handcuffs thanks to a 3D printer and 7-11's mashed potato slurpee machine.

Around the Net 2011
Around the Net
Around The Net 7.17.12

Extremely Lucky Russian Guy, Not Your Average Cat Video, Teens Throw Clothing Drive for Friend who Dresses Homeless

AOTS Exclusive
Mo Mandel On Romney Ads, Canadians, Menu For Mars

Comedian and guest co-host Mo Mandel shares his thoughts on the latest news about Mitt Romney's copyright problem, how Canadians are doing better than Americans and what to eat when you're on Mars.

The Loop
Astronaut Food & The Curiosity Rover

Phil Plait from BadAstronomy.com joins Mo Mandel on The Loop to discuss the important of having nutritious food for astronauts on space missions and the latest about the Curiosity Rover for Mars.