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AOTS - May 31st, 2012

Premiered on May 31, 2012

AOTS Exclusive
Kevin's Most Memorable Moments From AOTS

It's Kevin Pereira's last time co-hosting 'Attack of the Show' so we take a look back at some of his most memorable moments from the past 10 years, like his sauna pants, a road trip with Zach Anner, the electrode challenge, pizza print taste tests and more.

AOTS Exclusive
Kevin Pereira's Final Epic Promo

Since it's Kevin Pereira's final 'Attack of the Show,' we wanted to make his co-hosting duties as epic as possible. And that includes his last responsibility in promoting next week's E3 2012.

AOTS Exclusive
Joe Rogan Returns To AOTS

If there's anyone Kevin Pereira sit down with for his final celebrity interview for 'Attack of the Show,' it's Joe Rogan.

AOTS Exclusive
A Message From AOTS Guest Hosts For Kevin Pereira

You can't say goodbye to 'Attack of the Show without hearing from past guest hosts like Jessica Chobot, Alison Haislip, Morgan Webb, Zach Selwyn, and Grace Helbig! Check out their special farewell message to Kevin.

AOTS Exclusive
DJ Mike Relm's Tribute To Kevin Pereira

G4 friend and celebrated DJ Mike Relm performs his special tribute to Kevin Pereira and 'Attack of the Show.'

Around the Net 2011
Around the Net
Kevin's Favorite Videos On Around The Net 5.31.12

It's Kevin Pereira's last Around The Net--which means we run down his favorite viral videos of all time. And by "we," we mean Kevin, Candace Bailey and comedian Paul Scheer.

The Feed
The Daily Feed with Sara Underwood 5.31.12

It's time for the Feed with Sara Underwood and tonight, she covers all the latest news about quitting, especially for those who are quitting their jobs. And especially if those jobs include co-hosting 'Attack of the Show.'

AOTS Exclusive
Kevin Pereira's Final Thanks To Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood & The AOTS Crew

Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood share their final thoughts on his last time co-hosting 'Attack of the Show.'

AOTS Exclusive
Kevin Pereira's Last Walk Through Attack Of The Show

Kevin Pereira walks through his favorite and most iconic moments from 'Attack of the Show' before leaving the set for the last time.