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Daredevil Film Rights Return To Marvel

Posted August 15, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Daredevil Film Rights Return To Marvel

It seems that Marvel's "Man Without Fear" will soon be brought into the fold of Marvel's movie stable as Sony's long-in-the-making plans to reboot the Daredevil film franchise just slipped through their fingers.

With the project apparently not on track enough to make the Oct. 10 deadline to begin production, it does appear that the film rights to Hell's Kitchen's blind costumed criminal-crusher could very well send him into the same movieverse as The Avengers, just as it was in 2006 when Thor reverted back to Marvel from Sony.

Considering that the proposed reboot seemed on track, how did it all fall apart for the Sony film?

The loss of director, David Slade last month was surely a huge blow to the film. With just under three-months before the proposed shoot, the film lost its main visionary, leaving little time for his replacement to get acquainted.

At that point, it seemed that Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team, Smokin' Aces) was ready to hastily jump into the director's chair. Unfortunately, there was an apparent clash of visions with the studio-approved script by David James Kelly, which was said to emulate Frank Miller's "Born Again" storyline from the comic books.

While that storyline focused on psychological warfare between Daredevil and personally-obsessed arch-rival, Kingpin, Carnahan, had a different film in mind: A 1970's-set, Serpico-inspired gritty film centering on the underbelly atmosphere of Hell's Kitchen during that period.

It was a definite clash with Kelly's script, which Carnahan himself confirms was set in present day. As a result, the clock has already ticked down to a point where the mandatory Oct. 10 start was no longer feasible.

As Carnahan tweets:

"Guys, last time for the folks in the back of the theater-- FOX DIDN'T PASS ON DD. The sand left the hourglass and time simply ran out...... "

After what fans were hearing about this proposed reboot, they were actually excited by the possibilities of a new Daredevil film (despite it being from Sony.) That film, however, was not meant to be.

...Of course, that is not to say that it might resurface in another form over at Marvel in an epic that's set in the same universe as the other great Avengers-related films we've been getting.