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Red Dawn Remake Releases Trailer

Posted August 10, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Red Dawn Remake Releases Trailer

Pinch yourself if you must, but it seems that Red Dawn has released its first commie-repelling trailer.

From what we see, the film, much like its 1984 predecessor, is an action tour de force in which young American teenagers led by an ex-marine played by Chris Hemsworth hand in their textbooks in exchange for rifles and rocket-launchers to repel an invasion of freedom-raping ravagers. These evil-doers decided to break all-sorts of no-fly-zone rules to parachute into neighborhoods just like YOURS.

Now, we're going to see what kind of bad-assery today's youth of America are capable of wreaking when the enemies of capitalism take away their Facebook and Xbox Live.

The Wolverines want you to check out the trailer below.

Long-delayed by the financial collapse of MGM Studio, as well some international political controversy which prompted the film's creative team to re-edit the context of the film's original villains (the Chinese) into the North Koreans, the film will soon finally see theaters three long years after it was completed.

This remake of the classic 1984 film directed by John Milius, which starred Patrick Swayze and a gathering of other 80's icons now enjoys a benefit it wouldn't have if it was released when originally-intended: A legitimate star in Chris Hemsworth, who of course, would go on to film Thor and become a bankable marquee headliner.

It has also invested in a solid supporting cast featuring Adrianne Palicki (whose role as Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe Retaliation has coincidentally also been delayed), Josh Hutcherson (who, among other big-budget flicks, has since starred in a little art house favorite called The Hunger Games. Heard of it?), as well as fanboy favorite, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Red Dawn directed by Dan Bradley will finally arrive at theaters on November 21, 2012.