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Daredevil Reboot Loses Director, Fantastic Four Gets One

Posted July 12, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Daredevil Reboot Loses Director, Fantastic Four Gets One

It looks like things got shook up at 20th Century Fox's brand of Marvel comic book movies. The upcoming reboot of Daredevil has apparently lost director, David Slade. However, one of Fox's other reboot projects, Fantastic Four has gained some ground by scoring director, Josh Trank.

Most fans are likely in the mindset of hoping that all of Marvel Comics' film properties can be corralled back under the unifying Marvel Studios banner, so that quality can be improved and crossover potential with the other films would be available. However, as we've recently seen with the rather quick reboot effort of The Amazing Spider-Man over at Sony, the studios seem to be moving forward with these projects to not only anchor the film rights, but strike while the comic book iron is hot with The Avengers making ungodly box-office grosses and The Dark Knight Rises also looking to do the same starting next week.

Where do projects like Daredevil and Fantastic Four lie in the equation?

For Daredevil, they lose a director who has been attached to the project since last year as David Slade has reportedly exited the film for scheduling reasons related to the upcoming TV pilot for Hannibal. With the script having recently been rewritten by newcomer, David James Kelly that now agrees with the studio, it will be interesting to see who gets to direct the blind lawyer vigilante's Affleck-less big-screen comeback.

Fantastic Four, on the other hand, get a recently-celebrated commodity in Josh Trank, fresh from the recent faux-vérité "kids with superpowers" film, Chronicle. What that will mean for how the signature Marvel franchise gets reinvented still remains a mystery. However, a younger cast and a darker, grittier approach to the resident quartet of the Baxter Building would be my guess.

So, it seems that, unless some kind of special (magical) agreement would be reached between Marvel, Sony, and Fox, those "movieverses" will unfortunately remain separate for yet another generation of films.