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Is Arianna Huffington An Alien?

Posted May 8, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Is Arianna Huffington An Alien?

It appears that BugEyes, the precocious investigator of all things related to alleged "Men in Black Suits" is at it again. This time, the elusive pubescent publisher has called out the political pundit and media mogul, Arianna Huffington on the nature of her true origins.

She claims to be from Athens, Greece, but if BugEyes' allegations prove true, then her version of the city might not lie across the Mediterranean, but rather, across another side of the Milky Way. The blogger claims to have received a tip from his "Men in Black Suits Are Real" hotline, claiming that Huffington was indeed a non-Terran denizen who was concealing her true origins "for the sake of the shareholders."

Now, he is desperately trying to get in contact with Huffington, believing her to hold the answers to his Men in Black Suits mystery, and, well, alien stuff.

Catch up with the latest exploits of BugEyes in his bizarre quest to find these Men in Black suits who supposedly cover up the presence of aliens on our world and apparently govern them like some kind of intergalactic INS. (Crazy, right?)

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