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Prometheus Viral Clip Focuses On Androids

Posted April 17, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

As the impending release of director, Ridley Scott's Prometheus looms ever closer, the latest in its series of viral promo videos focuses on David, the android/robot character played by Michael Fassbender.

The more we see of this film, it becomes clear that much of its events will focus on the foreboding towards the things that we see by the time this prequel's timeline reaches the events in the far future of the first Alien movie. In this case, the focus shifts to Weyland Industries (later known as the Weyland-Yutani Corporation) and their creation of  synthetic space marshals which are programmed to carry out their will, unhindered by any ethical constraints.

Of course, while Ian Holm's Ash may have went loopy in the first film, we would see some android redemption for Lance Henriksen's Bishop in Aliens. Nevertheless, Fassbender's portrayal as their early predecessor, David is appropriately-creepy and drives home the idea which the film's very name implies: Mankind will be tampering with things for which they will be made to pay.

Prometheus hits theaters on June 8.