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Dark Shadows Trailer Gets...Funky

Posted March 16, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Dark Shadows Trailer Gets...Funky

Like a freshly-opened ancient coffin, the first trailer for Dark Shadows has finally arrived.

Director, Tim Burton's update of the popular 1966-1971 Gothic/horror/sci-fi genre-hybrid soap opera comes to life with his favorite repertory player, Johnny Depp as the franchise's signature character in escaped vampire from the 18th century, Barnabas Collins. -- Also, there's Eva Green as an evil witch with cleavage. So, yeah.

What will this franchise look like after having received the signature Burton treatment? Check it out below!

The trailer actually does a good job in explaining the gist of Barnabas' back-story to those unfamiliar with the vintage show (or, its short-lived 1991 TV revival.) It's filled with typical Burton moving shots and all the Gothic imagery one would expect.

With the film set in 1972, its degree of "funkiness" becomes the fodder for much of the apparent comic relief that Barnabas experiences as a man-turned-vampire, now essentially stuck in a different time. The choice of this era (and this is speculation,) might have had to do with not wanting today's world of iPhones, Bluetooth, and Internet to overshadow the Gothic aesthetics that would need to be maintained, while still conveying that this is the "modern" world.

Overall, it looks a bit quirky, but has some promise.

Dark Shadows will be freed from its mausoleum to feed on victims on May 11.