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Deadpool Movie: Ryan Reynolds Updates

Posted February 28, 2012 - By Joseph Baxter

Deadpool Movie: Ryan Reynolds Gives An Update

It appears that the long-teased Deadpool movie is still on the table. At least, that's how it seems according to its would-be star, Ryan Reynolds, who recently gave the first real update in 2012 on the highly-anticipated project.

As of now, the film is still pretty much where it was a year ago: With an allegedly good script by Zombieland scribes, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, newcomer director, Tim Miller waiting in the wings, original character creator, Rob Liefeld foaming at the mouth to get it made, and 20th Century Fox still lallygagging about how they want to approach it.

Reynolds, however, was pretty clear about his own expectations for the solo debut of Marvel's wisecracking, malicious Merc with a Mouth: First and foremost, it needs to be R-rated.

Find out below what the actor has to say on Deadpool and his thoughts on a prospective Green Lantern sequel.

In an interview with IGN, Reynolds is asked if there is any chance we will see Deadpool come back to the big screen:

"I hope so. The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. But, the film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can be worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it, particularly that guy. So if it's going to be done, it needs to be done right."

When asked if it would be a more "hardcore" version than what we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds responds.

"It will actually have absolutely no connection to the one that was in Wolverine."

The possibility of a Green Lantern sequel was also brought up.

"I have no idea. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of things. Personally, just working in the budget world of that kind of level is not fun, because there's so much invested in the outcome. But if we ended up doing a Deadpool movie that could be a lot of fun. I think having the opportunity to do it rated R would mean that the budget would have to be down enough that you're given the opportunity to take big risks and do things that most superhero movies haven't been able to do yet."

R-rated comic book movies, especially exemplified by The Punisher movies, don't exactly, sport the highest-grossing track records. Fox is surely a bit gun-shy about moving forward with another one, which is evidenced by the slow process of getting Deadpool greenlit, the apparent divorce of the character from the canon of the more mainstream-friendly X-Men films, and the appointment of journeyman director, Tim Miller, rather than an established name.

Reynolds himself remarks that an R-rating would mean a shrunken budget, but could leave more room to take creative risks. Hopefully, they will get the opportunity to do that, and possibly break the trend by bringing in a larger audience due to the character's more accessible appeal.