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Thor 2 Loses Director Patty Jenkins

Posted December 7, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

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Thor 2 will apparently be moving forward without its previously-appointed director, Patty Jenkins.

Citing "creative differences" the Monster director has dropped out of the project, leaving a huge vacancy for the sequel to this past summer's $448 million surprise superhero mega-hit.

With a November 15, 2013 release date looming, the studio will need to work extremely quick to find Jenkins' replacement. In the unique timeframe of big-budget Hollywood films they must make sure there is plenty of time for conceptual staging, especially considering that some effects shots alone may take that long to produce.

Where does this leave Thor 2?

According to the report from Deadline, Jenkins, may end up on another one of Marvel's comic book properties, likely not one that's a sequel. This idea might lead one to believe that her "creative differences" were rooted in her perception of the material itself, which may have clashed with the spirit of the last film.

At this point, the man who best understands the key elements of that film is its helmer, Kenneth Branagh, who did a magnificent job capturing the spirit of the Marvel comic. In fact, asking him to come back would seem like the ideal choice, given how little time there is to get a new director and then get that director absorbed into the nuances of the Thor world.

Branagh, however, dropped out of the sequel due to the urgent, marathon-like nature to get the film churned out. (Which, at this point, is certainly ten-fold.) However, he supposedly was to stay on board in the capacity of a producer. Yet, at this point, to see what is still essentially "his" project in such trouble, might be enough to coax him back into the director's chair. -- At least, that's what I'd hope to see.

In the meantime, star, Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as Thor in The Avengers on May 4, 2012. So, maybe another delay for the film (which was originally slated for July 2013) wouldn't be fatal, especially since we would just be coming off the most crowded year of superhero films ever.


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