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Save 'Community' Before It's Too Late!

Posted November 18, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Save 'Community' Before It's Too Late!

This week, NBC announced their mid-season schedule, and AOTS favorite Community wasn't on it, which doesn't necessarily bode well for the show's future. It hasn't officially been canceled yet, so there's still time for you to voice your opinion to the powers-that-be in time to save the show for next Fall. First, you'll want to sign the petition to save the show, and, before you think to yourself that such things don't ever work, remember the plight of Jericho and Friday Night Lights, both of which were saved as a result of online petition.

And, just in case you need some inspiration to save the show, we've got a whole lot of reasons you might want to consider it, aside from the fact that it's one of the smartest and funniest shows on television, and possibly the very best of the dying breed of situation comedies out there today.

First, check out this video from earlier this year when Community stars Alison Brie and Danny Pudi hosted Attack of the Show and taught us how to murder people like champions with their Murder Master Class.


Murder Master Class with Alison Brie & Danny Pudi »

And here's Childish Gambino himself, the immensely talented Donald Glover, giving us a backstage behind-the-scenes interview about his movie Mystery Team, and casting a little light on the character of Troy. And here's a link to listen to the Childish Gambino album, "Camp," which is one of the hottest hip-hop debuts in a long, long time.

We talked to Gillian Jacobs a couple months ago about playing Brita on the show, and found out about her character's predilection for smoking the green.



Community's Gillian Jacobs Returns! »

And who can forget the time that Alison Brie interviewed co-star Ken Jeong when she co-hosted Attack of the Show? Seriously, what other television show would feature a Korean Spanish teacher turned security guard who lives in the air conditioning duct of a community college?



Community's Ken Jeong in Studio with Alison Brie »

Also, as a bonus, veteran character actor Michael Kenneth Williams, one of the stars of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, talked about the genius that is Community's creator and visionary mind Dan Harmon (who also is responsible for the amazing, unaired Heat Vision and Jack...find it. Your life will change.) and what a well-oiled machine the Community set is.



Boardwalk Empire's Michael K. Williams Behind-the-Scenes »

Seriously, though. We hope against hope that Community isn't done. The show is super high quality comedy, the cast is amazing, and couldn't be nicer people. Dan Harmon is a genius who should be creating his brand of weird television comedy for a long, long time, and Alison Brie is the best smelling guest we've ever had and 90% of our office has a huge crush on her.

For all of those reasons and so many more, Save Community!


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  • XGrlGamerX

    Please save this show! It truly is a one of a kind comedy. Pure genius!

    Posted: November 20, 2011 8:53 PM