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Star Trek Sequel Moves Forward, Details Revealed

Posted November 16, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Star Trek Sequel Moves Forward, Details Revealed

The still-untitled sequel to 2009's Star Trek is apparently very much on track.

While the reboot film of director, J.J. Abrams (pictured above on the set of that film) injected new, vibrant, action-packed life into the tired franchise, it seemed like the unstoppable momentum caused by the film's $385.7 million worldwide haul would seemingly fall off the map when the sequel did not immediately begin production.

However, in spite of the slow start, the latest report from TrekMovie indicates that the script is indeed finished, the folks at Industrial Light & Magic have already started work on some of the effects shots, and (perhaps most importantly,) the film will begin shooting on January 15, 2012.

What should we expect from this most anticipated of sequels?

According to the report, screenwriter/producer, Roberto Orci reveals that the finished and submitted script is currently in the process of a third draft, in order to ensure the film fits the projected budget set by Paramount. However, it is also noted that the studio is "very enthusiastic" for the project and have been supportive of the creative team's efforts.

Additionally, in a couple revelations that could come across as a tease, the report also indicates that Abrams is currently scouting for shooting locations in Hawaii for what could be a jungle planet. Shooting will apparently also take place in a Los Angeles museum for a scene that is to be set at a "famous Star Trek location."

Other than that, details seem to be few and far between in regards to what will actually be taking place in this sequel, or, if it will be tackling any iconic storylines, characters, or aliens from the original television show. (The Klingons seem to be the prevailing rumor.)

The untitled Star Trek sequel is currently set for May 17, 2013. (Depending on how smoothly the shoot goes.)


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  • RockMax


    Being a Trekkie, I rather enjoyed the first one. Can't wait for the sequel, it's been far too long.

    Posted: November 16, 2011 1:48 PM