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X-Men First Class Sequel Moves Forward, Gets Writer

Posted November 4, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

X-Men First Class Sequel Moves Forward, Gets Writer

It appears that Fox will indeed be moving forward with a sequel to X-Men: First Class, with news that screenwriter, Simon Kinberg has been acquired to pen the script.

Last summer's prequel to Marvel's mutant movie mythos ended up a certified hit with its $352.6 million worldwide box-office take. So, naturally, the studio decided to move forward with another entry into this reinvigorated franchise.

Besides the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Kinberg is best known for his work with Sherlock Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Jumper. Thus, he will come into the task with plenty of big money film scripts under his belt. However, also among them, is X-Men: The Last Stand, the last film in the "original trilogy" of the franchise, which was generally...(how should I put his?)...not well received by the fanbase. (And we'll leave it at that, since it was directed by last night's AOTS guest, Brett Ratner.)

At this point, staying consistent with the canon of the previous trilogy does not seem to be too much of a priority. Kinberg should be free from a lot of the odd storyline constraints and studio interference that bogged-down Last Stand and hopefully give us an X-Men movie that's both minimalistic and fresh, in the same spirit as First Class.


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