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Everything You Need To Know About Bustice & Power Girl

Posted October 10, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Everything You Need To Know About Bustice & Power Girl

Tonight's Attack of the Show marks the return of Power Girl and Bustice, where they partner up to fight the injustices of the world! But in case you've missed out on past episodes, we've got everything you need to know and see about our super-heroines.


Bustice & Power Girl Rescue A Submarine
Bustice and Power Girl join forces again to save a submarine stuck in the ice in the freezing Bering Strait!

Bustice & Power Girl Save The Nuclear Power Plant
Bustice discovers that she won't have to fight crime alone anymore! She partners up with Power Girl as they try to save the world from injustice--or in this case, a nuclear plant meltdown.

Bustice starring Sara Underwood
Meet Bustice, a hardworking super heroine who spends all of her days helping out people in need! Thank you, Bustice!

Bustice Blooper Reel
Being a well endowed super heroine takes hard work! Just ask Sara Underwood as she takes on the role of Bustice, outtakes and all.

Bustice Busts More Criminals
Sara Underwood as Bustice returns to save the day from more creepy criminals! Don't tase me, bro.

More Bustice Bloopers
If you don't know that playing a superheroine is hard work, then just ask Sara Underwood! We bring you more blooper fun with her sexy Bustice character. Sometimes, even the best and well-endowed of us make mistakes.

Bustice Meets Arch Enemy General Jiggler
Sara Underwood returns as Bustice where she faces down her arch nemesis, General Jiggler.

Bustice vs. General Jiggler Bloopers
Bustice is back and as Sara Underwood knows, practice makes perfect when it comes to fighting crime. But what happens when things go wrong? Check out this latest round of bloopers when Bustice meets General Jiggler.

Bustice Auditons To Be The AOTS Host
Kevin Pereira was out of the office, so we've got a backup plan for a new host, as you can see from these auditions.


Carrie & Sara Warm Up

Hanging Out Backstage

Behind the Scenes


Carrie is Power Girl!

Ready to save the world!

More Behind the Scenes


Sara Underwood as Bustice

The Return of Bustice!

Bustice For Comic-Con


Carrie Keagan is Power Girl!
Carrie Keagan is Power Girl but you better watch out, or else she'll use her superpowers on you. In this episode, she's pretty sure she can eat a raw turkey.
Everything You Need To Know About Bustice & Power Girl Power Girl Shares Her Thoughts On Kevin Bacon
Carrie Keagan is back as Power Girl and in this episode, she ponders her thoughts about actor Kevin Bacon.
Power Girl Tries To Grow Her Hair
Carrie Keagan returns as Power Girl in this latest episode, where she thinks she can grow her hair out.


Carrie Keagan as Power Girl

More Power Girl Pictures!

Power Girl in the Break Room

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  • xOmniCloudx

    So glad Carrie Keagan returned. I prefer Power Girl to Bustice.

    Posted: October 11, 2011 3:05 PM
  • TheBenson108

    This is awesome! Glad this was posted.

    Posted: October 10, 2011 10:41 PM