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Missing Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

Posted September 26, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

As you saw in today's Viewer Army segment, Dragon*Con is one of the largest roleplay gatherings on Earth, but the dragon fun doesn't have to stop after the con is over, as is evidenced by these amazing dragon-related offerings from the online craft/joke repository that is Etsy.com.

Going To Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

Want to dress like a dragon person? You're going to need ears, my friend! Dragon ears! And these latex jobbers will fit the bill, just for you.

Going To Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

This is advertised as a vial of "rare dragon blood with a Chinese coin." This is perplexing for a lot of reasons. First off, as opposed to common dragon's blood? Second, what does the Chinese coin contribute to the whole thing? Is it just to mark the blood as Chinese? Is it a Chinese dragon? I'm confused.

Going To Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

This is described as a "Cute Toothless Dragon." You know who's not happy about being cute and toothless? A dragon. Also, this could not look less like a dragon in a million years. It looks more like a pile of necrotic skin with wild, staring eyes.

Going To Dragon*Con? Buy These Things On Etsy!

You know what you're smoking out of the creepy dragon pipe, don't you? I'll give you one guess, and the answer is marijuana.

This is just a small sampling of awesome dragon-related things one can find on Etsy.com. This should be enough to get you through until your next roleplaying convention, Hobbit enclave, or Led Zeppelin Appreciation Society meeting.

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