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EXCLUSIVE Video of Mission Icefly ARG

Posted July 12, 2011 - By Rick Damigella

EXCLUSIVE Video of Mission Icefly ARG

Are you following Mission Icefly, the latest Alternate Reality Game from 42 Entertainment? You should be. Why? Well, if the fact that they produced I Love Bees for Halo 2, the Year Zero game for Nine Inch Nails and last year’s über-popular Flynn Lives ARG for Tron Legacy isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the mystery surrounding this latest production will. We’ve even got an exclusive video you won’t find anywhere else!

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The ARG launched a couple months back as Test Subjects Needed and The Human Preservation Proejct, where you could take an online “assessment test” but over the past few weeks has evolved to include something called Mission Icefly. They dropped tons of paper helicopters with glowing LED lights over Bonnaroo, there were sightings of it at E3 and most recently a real-world scavenger hunt was held, where winners found… well, it’s really cool, so you should watch the video to see it.

There have been lots of theories as to what The Human Preservation Project/Mission Icefly is about. We’ve heard rumors of everything from chewing gum, to a new movie to even Halo 4. 42 is being tight lipped about it (trust us, we point blank asked) which makes this all the more fun. Whatever this ARG turns out to be, 42 Entertainment has scored Terry “Locke” O’Quinn for this video, so in our minds, this has got to be something interesting. We can only imagine that something must be brewing for this at San Diego Comic-Con, but again, that’s just us theorizing, since the game's latest countdown clock is running until the Friday before Comic-Con. Check out the video and then tell us what you think Mission Icefly is about in the comments!


Exclusive Mission Icefly ARG Video »



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