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The Hobbit Adds Evangeline Lilly And Barry Humphries

Posted June 20, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The Hobbit Adds Evangeline Lilly And Barry Humphries

The Hobbit casting announcements just seem to keeps coming! Former Lost star, Evangeline Lilly has been cast in two-part epic for what will actually be a new character. Additionally, famed veteran impressionist, Barry Humphries (better known to the world as iconic drag character, "Dame Edna,") will also be featured in the film.

With the announcement coming straight from director Peter Jackson, the latest news is actually a bit of a surprise. With these two acquisitions, Jackson also confirms that (finally,) it "just about rounds out the main casting."

However, despite the big reveal, Jackson still managed to keep some juicy secrets about the roles hidden. (Lest, us fanboys are left without something to debate.)

Evangeline Lilly actually comes into the picture with some established connections to the Tolkien movie universe, linked with former Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan who played Hobbit, Merry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (With whom she also dated in real life.)

Her character, according to Jackson's announcement, will be a brand new one (meaning not featured in the original book), in Woodland Elf, Tauriel. However, besides revealing that the character is definitely not romantically-linked to another famous Woodland Elf in Orlando Bloom's Legolas (who is also returning in the films,) Jackson was still mum on the specifics, saying that "we must leave you guessing." (Although, for my money, I'd say she's the never-referenced Mother of Legolas.)

Barry Humphries, on the other hand, will be playing the role of the Goblin King; leader of the band of goblins who capture Bilbo Baggins and his dwarven companions when they try to cross the Misty Mountains. According to Jackson, Humphries will portray the Goblin King "in much the way Andy Serkis created Gollum." This could imply that he will make his performance in a motion capture suit, similar to the one Serkis utilizes.

So, Dad-killer Kate and Dame Edna have joined The Hobbit. Does it sound good to you?

Source: Peter Jackson

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