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The Avengers To Add Another Major Villain?

Posted May 27, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

The Avengers Release First Official Set Photo

Could The Avengers be faced with yet another major villain? Well, according to a report from Latino Review, it's possible that a certain Easter Egg in Thor (and not the one after the credits), could be the impetus for the big-screen arrival of one of Marvel's most notorious and powerful supervillains.

The film, which shoots right now as we speak, has been the subject of massive speculation over the years, but none more so than regarding who will fill its villain slots. Thor baddie, Loki played Tom Hiddleston has been confirmed. However, with the older speculation of an invasion of the Earth by Marvel's shape-shifting Skrulls also looking legit, a trifecta may be completed with a "Titan" who's far more "infinite."

Caution: Possible Spoiler Talk Below

According to Latino Review, one of their "very trusted always on point sources" has informed them that The Avengers will also have as its villain, the one and only Thanos. Yes, the Mad Titan himself, who at one point turned the entire Marvel Universe inside out when he coveted the Infinity Gauntlet, will apparently tangle with The Avengers in the film.

The Avengers To Add Another MAJOR Villain?

As some of you may know, a prop for the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful Marvel relic that's adorn with cosmic gems granting its wearer near omnipotence, was shown on display at Comic Con last year. That prop would end up being featured very briefly as an Easter Egg in Thor, seen in Odin's vault. While it may have just been a nice little nod to comic-savvy fans in the film, it nevertheless became the fuel for speculation about Marvel's future plans for the Avengers-related films.

The Avengers To Add Another MAJOR Villain?

Well, if LR's report is accurate, then not only will Thanos join Loki and the Skrulls in the already-crowded rogues gallery of The Avengers, but that Easter Egg in Thor may come back to haunt the entire Marvel movie-verse. Considering that we've already seen Loki ready to get his hands on the reality-altering Cosmic Cube in the post-credits scene in Thor, things could get chaotic on a level never before imagined. (Maybe Loki and Thanos get to throw-down to see whose omnipotence is bigger?)

Have any thoughts on the possibility of Marvel squeezing Thanos into The Avengers? Awesome? Or would this be turning the film into a proverbial clown-car of characters?

Source: Latino Review

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  • non_member

    So far...I only believe Loki and the Cosmic Cube will play a part in The Avengers, considering that's all we've seen set-up, so far (end of credits in THOR).

    The rest is just gossip, ya'll!

    Posted: May 31, 2011 8:01 AM
  • Sn4re

    It was just a prop, nothing more. People need to settle down.

    Posted: May 29, 2011 7:53 AM
  • ihategabe

    i agree, you just cant' introduce that many new characters without hurting the story, unless the whole first movie just basically introduces them ......lame

    Posted: May 29, 2011 5:10 AM
  • superdookieness

    So they can put Thanos in this movie but not Hank Pym or The Wasp? That makes no fracking sense.

    Posted: May 27, 2011 3:02 PM
  • temroT

    i just hope it doesnt end up as bad as spiderman3 and their crapload of awesome villains who ultimately ended up being duds

    Posted: May 27, 2011 2:40 PM
  • scgreen

    The only way I see it working is if one of the three baddies is introduced at the end of the film to set up a sequel. Otherwise, it's just too much.

    Posted: May 27, 2011 2:24 PM