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Attack of the Staff: Bernardo DiGirolamo, Line Producer

Posted April 21, 2011 - By Eugene Morton

Bernardo Beard

Hometown: Medford, MA (If you don’t know Medford, think Boston. Then think 5 miles north.)
Position: Line Producer
Favorite Season: Fall, but I miss all of the seasons because Los Angeles doesn’t really have seasons. (No, I’m not complaining about the weather in LA, I’m just saying…) Also, my favorite seasoning is sea salt.
Least Favorite Nickname:  I’m not going to answer this question. Instead, I’ll tell you some nicknames that I’m ok with: B, Nardo, and Bern.

What do you do on AOTS?

I tell a bunch of punny jokes. Some might call them bad jokes, but I call them really punny jokes. I do do actual work too. (Read that last sentence out loud….. poop joke!) Basically, I keep the show in line. I plan out the show rundowns and time the shows to make sure we have the right amount of awesome stuff everyday. In the mornings, I work with the producers and studio crew to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the rundown is up to date and correct. When we’re live, I time the show to make sure it ends on time. Since we really are live, anything can really happen and often does. If an ATN bit goes longer than expected, I have to adjust the rundown to account for that time. If Kevin and Candace start talking about something random and Kevin says, “Let’s see if we can get one of those by the end of the show…” I need to make time for whatever that is at the end of the show.

What is your favorite moment from the show?

That’s like asking me what my favorite food is. It’s difficult to pick just one, so I’ll be selfish and say when I got my beard shaved and a haircut on live TV. I felt a little lightheaded when it was gone.

Do you have any passions outside of working at G4?

Yes, I do. I love food, cooking and eating and trying new, awesome restaurants. I’m a serial cereal eater. Other interests include hip-hop, sports (go Sox!) and short walks on long beaches. Wait. What?

So, how's it hanging? / What it is?

It’s hanging out and relaxing. It’s my steez.

Did you go to school to do what you do?

Yup! Well, kind of. I went to Emerson for audio/radio and took some film and TV classes. When I moved out to LA, I worked as an usher at Dodger Stadium. It was awesome, since I love baseball. After a season, I decided to retire from baseball to pursue my TV career. My G4 timeline goes like this: I started in the accounting department, then I pitched Free Stuff! and worked on that when it was on the air. When that wrapped, I started on AOTS.

Who is your favorite artist?

Raffaele Esposito. Google him. Then go eat a slice.

Where does it end?

After dessert.

What upcoming movie are you most looking forward to seeing and what videogame are you most looking forward to playing?

That great movie that I didn’t see in theaters. It’s already in my Netflix queue. The new Madden.

What is your biggest regret in life?

Don’t have one. Everything you do & don’t do gets you where you are. Live and learn.

What's your favorite thing that G4 covers? 

The internet. The internet is an amazing thing.

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