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Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray Set Is Awesome, Teases More Tron To Come

Posted April 8, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

I reviewed Tron: Legacy over on G4's The Feed back in December, and I won't bore you with why I think it's a terrific film. Just accept that it is. Yes, I'm a Tron purist, and the first time I saw it I missed a lot of the flavor and spirit of the original. But then, something strange happened: the movie grew on me. The second time I saw it, I realized that there was some pretty impressive stuff in there, and that the story could stand well enough on its own. Then the third time, I realized that I loved the damn thing. 

Now, if a movie takes three times to convince you that it's good, does that make it worth it? The same thing happened to me with Jackie Brown, and now I love that film too. So maybe some things just need to grow on you. Like a rash. Except in a good way. The film came out on on Blu-ray this week, and it my love affair with it still continues. In fact, it's even stronger now with some of the easter eggs that tease a possible third Tron film could be on the way, and it also offers up a sneak peek at Tron: Uprising. It's animated and features Bruce Boxleitner as Tron. What's not to love? Well, Chris Gore obviously doesn't agree.

TRON: Legacy, All Good Things, I Love You Phillip Morris DVD »

So rather than trying to convince you all over again, I'll just tell you why you'll want this set, which is available in several different flavors. Most impressive is Amazon's 5-disc Blu-ray/DVD set, which includes a separate Blu-ray with the 3D version of the film on it, as well as a Blu-ray of what they're calling "Tron: The Original Classic." The set also houses all of your discs in a light-up replica of a Tron identity disc, which will look highly nerdy (and awesome) on your shelf. That'll put you back $64.99, or you can pony up $49.99 for the set that's in a regular plastic case. The 3D isn't IMAX quality, obviously, but it's impressive enough to wow home theater users. PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play the 3D version, but otherwise you'll need a special 3D Blu-ray player. All around, whether you're watching in 2D or 3D, this is a reference-quality Blu-ray that will knock the pants off of visitors.
Don't want 3D? There' s a four-disc set for $24.99 that drops the 3D from the bundle, or you can pick up Tron: Legacy alone or Tron: The Original Classic for $19.99 apiece, both in Blu-ray/DVD combo sets. If you've picked up the original Tron before, you'll be happy to know that they carried over the original extras, while adding a view HD features. There's a great extra called "Photo Tronology" featuring director Steven Lisberger with his son Carl checking out the Disney photo archives for the original movie. There's some fantastic photos in there, including Tron and Flynn with hair in the Tron world, rather than wearing those skullcaps. Tron would have sported huge spiked hair, which actually looks like an improvement. It's just a shame that these photos haven't been published anywhere.
Other bonus features include everything from the DVD, and on Legacy you'll get:
  • The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed. What happens immediately following the end of the movie?
  • Launching the Legacy: Beyond the amazing visuals is a rich story filled with an entire world's history and mythology
  • Disc Roars: Watch director Joseph Kosinski use the raucous crowd at Comic-Con to record actual ADR for the disc game stadium crowd
  • Music video:“Derezzed” written, produced, and performed by Daft Punk. 
  • Disney's Second Screen is back for this disc, previously only available for Bambi, and it's a much better use of the technology. This allows you to stream content onto your PC, Mac, or iPad, and it shows you special features while the movie plays on your television. Pretty swanky.
If you love all things Tron, and want both the original and the sequel on Blu-ray, then this set deserves a spot on your shelf.

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  • RenaissanceMan

    Still waiting for my 3D version to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, I plan to spend the evening playing my TRON board game with my kids. Check it out... http://youtu.be/UmLNtynGwnw

    Posted: April 8, 2011 5:05 PM