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Superman: Man Of Steel: NO Viggo Mortensen As Zod; Who's The Villain, Then?

Posted March 23, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Superman: Man Of Steel: NO Viggo Mortensen As Zod; Who's The Villain, Then?

The idea of Viggo Mortensen being lined-up for the role of General Zod in 2012's Superman: Man of Steel has been verified as false. In an interview with Latino Review, essentially hitting the rumor with a proverbial giant translucent Superman "S" symbol, director Zack Snyder (normally mum on most aspects of this project,) declared with definitive certainty that "Viggo is not going to be in the movie let’s say that right now. I can clear that up."

So, the much-discussed pool of candidates for the villain's slot to face new Superman Henry Cavill may still be open, and the speculation will likely return to full swing. While Snyder, who is currently preoccupied with this weekend's release of Sucker Punch, has been pretty frugal with details, conversely, he's been very open about his broader ambitions for the film. Take a look below to see his latest pitch to the fans.

According to Snyder:

"I don’t think it’s about trying not to do what’s been done.  It’s just when I say that I mean that’s a way for us to start fresh and kind of be able to say what mythology do we want to sort of endorse or exploit.  Look all of us involved with project have a great respect for Superman. Trust me when I say I want this movie to be awesome and I want Superman to be awesome, you know that’s true.  It’s not so much about like what I do and don’t want to do in regards to what’s been done, we need to like…I think for the audiences stake you want us to shed that…let that weight off our shoulders so we can go and make a great movie."

Clearly, Snyder is the type of director that tends to avoid the task of trying to reinvent the wheel, instead preferring to go for the full impact, scene-for-scene. He's recently declared in another interview that the Superman movie franchise is "broken" and that it "needs to be fixed." -- That's fine, but I hope that when he talks about not worrying about "what's been done," it's not a sign that he intends to go through the conventional origin story, with Lex Luthor as villain again (who Snyder would not confirm or deny) or even another take on Superman II with General Zod and his escaped Krytonian fugitive partners.

Snyder has recently confirmed the film's status as a reboot, and many fans (myself included) were hoping for a version of Supe's obligatory origin story implicating his home planet Krypton's destruction onto deadly A.I. villain Brainiac. It would be a refreshing take to a tired story and create much more of an impact. There would be so many possibilities with Brainiac from doing a version of his menacing robotic form, or even having him take possession of people as "meat suits" through which he could also have physical battles with the Man of Steel. It just seems to me that the "been there, done that" concepts aren't the best way to utilize Snyder's talents.

How about you? Superman: Man of Steel may have lost the King of Gondor, but who do you think it could gain?

Source: Latino Review

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  • the_first_avenger

    Id love to see doomsday but it dosebt bring alot of story alone I think brainiac and doomsday together

    Posted: March 24, 2011 2:35 AM
  • Maze_zz

    I would love to see Darkseid and Doomsday combo deal

    Posted: March 23, 2011 8:09 PM
  • ghostpanther

    If they want to give Superman a villain worthy of his stature, I say go with Darkseid. He's as calculating and as intelligent as Lex Luthor and a physical match for Superman. He's the kind of villain you can build an ongoing feud with that runs in the background throughout the franchise.

    Posted: March 23, 2011 3:13 PM