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2011 Super Bowl Ads: Kick Off The Super Bowl With Previews

Posted January 31, 2011 - By Jacklin Maisyan

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day in sports of the year, so check out the 2011 Super Bowl ads and have a laugh. Or ten.

Danica Patrick and 2011 GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad: Edgy or Annoying?

Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels return to the 2011 GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad campaign.  And the preview is exactly what you’d expect:  Danica and Jillian get semi-naked to perform “some crazy stunt” that they’re “obligated” to perform.  Super edgy stuff.  It was especially edgy when GoDaddy did it in 2007.  And then even edgier when it was done in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Innovative, creative, and empowering. No, really.

2011 PepsiMax Super Bowl Ad: Sweet Advertising for Zero Cal Soda

This 2011 PepsiMax Super Bowl ad is our favorite among the five finalists for the Pepsi Max portion of the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  The comedy is spot on for the football environment, the concept is clever, and the cast is likeable.  Plus, the ad caters to plenty of demographics: males who like to watch football, females who like to watch football, females who like to throw heavy objects at their boyfriends, soda drinkers, and even health freaks.  However, it may not bode well with the joggers. Just sayin’.

2011 Doritos Super Bowl Ad: Adorable Pug Triumphs Over Evil Boyfriend

This 2011 Doritos Super Bowl ad is our favorite in the second half of the Doritos and Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  It’s like watching a battle scene in an action movie: awe-inspiring music, slow motion charging beast, adorably fierce protagonist, and an annoying antagonist.  Absolutely no complaints.  But I am curious about the redhead themed casting for the main characters. The chick and the dude are supposed to be a romantic couple, not look like siblings, right? Color coordinating with the Doritos perhaps?

2011 Audi Super Bowl Ad: Hashtag to Appear in Commercial?

So, the word on the street is that the 2011 Audi Super Bowl ad, set to air during the first quarter of the game, will contain a hashtag for viewers to keep up with conversations about the car commercial on Twitter.  In theory, this seems like a great idea for an ad in the era of Facebook and Twitter.  But in reality, will most of the viewers know what a hashtag is? Unlikely. How do I know this? Because my dad and uncles will be watching the game, and they barely know what the internets are. 

Kim Kardashian and Skechers 2011 Super Bowl Ad: Shaping Up to be too Sexy?

The Kim Kardashian and Skechers 2011 Super Bowl ad is set to air during the fourth quarter of the football game and we hear that Kim K and her assets (they get their own title credits right?) are going to be put to work with this slightly racy shoe commercial.  The ad is apparently about breaking up with someone and working out in comfortable shoes at the same.  Makes total sense. 

At least this partnership makes sense, though.  Kim Kardashian works out a lot, so shoes seem to be the best product to advertise.  Remember the Paris Hilton/Carl’s Jr. fiasco? Money says Hilton hadn’t even seen a burger before that partnership.  Besides, we’re pretty stoked to see whether Skechers keeps the ad on the tamer side or pushes the sexiness over the envelope.

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