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Candace Bailey's Vision Quest

Posted January 3, 2011 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Candace Bailey's Vision Quest

By now, most of you know that new AOTS co-host Candace Bailey is ready to ascend to her place at the podium next to Kevin Pereira when the all-new Attack of the Show takes root on 1/11/11. Just in case you haven't been following her progress, Candace has had to level up her hosting skills in a series of challenges that we lovingly refer to as her Vision Quest.

Candace Bailey is the New AOTS Co-Host

Candace Bailey is the New AOTS Co-Host »

But, you are certainly asking yourself, where can I see these challenges? How can I keep track of her progress? Can I get to know this Candace Bailey in a more meaningful way before she begins entertaining me on a daily basis? Be not afraid, friends. We have crafted this section of our website for just that purpose.

So, enjoy the videos, photo galleries, and behind-the-scenes activity via the below links. Check out Candace's brave work on her first photo shoot for AOTS, her dominatrix training, her charming work on the red carpet, and much, much more.

Your Vision Quest begins here:

Behind-The-Scenes of Candace Bailey's Reveal as AOTS Host
Before new host Candace Bailey takes the reins of 'AOTS' alongside Kevin Pereira, you should take a behind-the-scenes look back at the day she was revealed to be the new host and see what went on backstage before, during, and after the big announcement.


Candace Bailey's Motion Capture Magic at ILM
The AOTS Vision Quest continues at Skywalker Ranch with Candace Bailey's second day of Jedi training. She stops by Industrial Light & Magic for a motion capture session as Iron Man. Can you think of a better excuse to cover Candace in balls?


Candace Bailey Visits Skywalker Ranch
Visiting the famous Skywalker Ranch in Northern California is a must for any Attack of the Show Co-host and that's exactly why we sent Candace Bailey there for her latest Vision Quest adventure. This time, she gets her Jedi training on at Skywalker Sound.


Candace & Kevin's AOTS Photo Shoot
Kevin Pereira sent future co-host Candace Bailey on a special vision quest in preparation for her hosting duties, and that included a photo shoot along the way. Find out what unfolded before the camera lenses and how Candace got to know Kevin a little better. And not in a good way.


Candace Bailey Visits The Gun Range
Candace Bailey's AOTS Vision Quest continues as she accompanies Weston Scott to the gun range so she can learn how to properly load, aim and shoot any weapon. A hot chick with a hot gun: what more could you ask for?


Candace Bailey vs. Sara Underwood in Paintball
Candace Bailey discovers a painful but fun stop along her AOTS Vision Quest with a healthy round of shooting paintballs...until Sara Underwood shows up to put her skills to the test. Which girl will come out on top?


Candace Bailey Eats It All
Being the Attack of the Show co-host requires a strong stomach, so it's only perfect that Candace Bailey puts her own taste buds to the limit with Blair Herter by eating some of the grossest things imaginable.


Candace Bailey on Star Wars: The Clone Wars Red Carpet
Candace Bailey takes the next step in her AOTS Vision Quest with a trip to the red carpet for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where she interviews the voice actors behind the series, familiar looking droids and writers. It was cooler than hanging out in Jabba's pleasure palace.


Candace Bailey's Dominatrix Lesson
Candace Bailey continues her AOTS Vision Quest with a kinky fetish lesson from trained dominatrix, Mistress January Seraph. Watch as Candace learns to dress like a dominatrix, learn all about bondage and more. You know, just the stuff she needs to be host.


Real Life Mario Kart with Candace Bailey
The classic video game meets real life with a round of Mario Kart inspired go kart racing with Candace Bailey and Blair Herter, who is appropriately dressed like Mario and Luigi. Find out who makes it across the finishing line first, despite a very special guest appearance.


Candace Bailey's Vision Quest Photo Galleries



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  • sliqcore

    Okay this is depressing. Please don't feed this. She is there for aesthetic value alone. She will and I promise you this, use this show to find an opportunity away from games, technology and the rest of things she pretends to care about.

    Nothing personal but it's so clear that she is NOT comfortable on that stage, I sincerely doubt she knows or cares about anything she pretends to be so involved with. The entire techdork subculture is her stepping stone and it's blatant and insulting.

    There are a LOT of people out there who would genuinely love to be so involved with the people and the materials and the subjects they get to report on and play with and research and talk about. People who can offer intelligent insight as to what is going on, not just look pretty and stand awkwardly away from Kevin hoping he doesn't go off script again cause "I'm not comfortable and don't know what to say"..

    I'm 30, I'm a disabled veteran so yeah, I'm a little miffed with my station but hell, we deserve some substance. Kevin isn't a home run either but he likes being there and the things he gets to deal with, he enjoys it and it shows.

    Posted: January 13, 2011 3:35 AM
  • speedmob

    candace is the hottest girl i have ever seen i will leave my girlfriend of 17 years, if i can lick her butt crack like it was filled with brown frosting. Let me know how to make this happen!!

    Posted: January 12, 2011 1:23 AM
  • bliken

    Hmm not as hot as Munn but visually appealing so its all good

    Posted: January 8, 2011 7:07 PM
  • bliken

    Hmm not as hot as Munn but visually appealing so its all good

    Posted: January 8, 2011 7:04 PM
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    Posted: January 8, 2011 4:21 PM
  • Whiteaura1


    Candice baby, your awesome.. but when i see Kevin.. i see Kevin.. and Olivia...

    I miss her..

    I miss the Pie..

    I miss the french maid..

    Ms. Bailey Please don't let me down, you got big shoes to fill hun

    Posted: January 8, 2011 8:31 AM
  • karasublue84d

    I guess its just the matter of time to replace the MUNNster huh! I guess Candace would be okay as ne co. host, but I'd love to see Alison Brie be co host again.

    Posted: January 5, 2011 7:09 PM
  • EricBowman

    Dominatrix lessons? Wow. Never thought I'd see AOTS sink this low.

    Posted: January 5, 2011 4:51 PM