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AOTS Tuesday, October 12

Posted October 12, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
On set or on location, Attack Of The Show brings you the deets on your favorite things to watch when you're not watching us.
Action meets comedy in 'Red,' a film based on the Warren Ellis comic book series about a retired black-ops CIA agent who recruits his former team of agents to find an assassin. Star Karl Urban sits down with Kevin Pereira to talk about his role as Ivan Simanov and his thoughts on working with the all star cast.
Blair Butler reports again from New York Comic Con, and this time, she covers the latest television and movie news from the convention floor including the stars from 'V,', the people behind 'Saw 3D' and Danny McBride of 'Your Highness.'
News and views on the latest in the world of video games, as presented by the experts that rate them for a living.
It's time to check out the top three indie games to play, from the third person survival adventure game, 'Hydrophobia,' the side scrolling RTS 'Swords and Soldiers,' plus the inventive and hilarious 'Comic Jumper.'
Resident Evil...
The third generation of Amazon's Kindle weighs less than a paperback, offers a higher contrast screen, Wi-Fi access to over 700,000 titles and an improved battery life. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey find out if the new eReader brings the $140 Kindle to the top of the list!
Watch Kristin Adams as she covers the Tuesday news feeding, with stories on Andy Richter's return as Conan's sidekick, Google's superhighway, and more.
Once a week, film expert Chris Gore stops by to give his take on the latest DVD releases. This time, he talks to Candace Bailey about 'Jonah Hex,' 'Leaves of Grass' and the animated 'How To Train Your Dragon.'
If you're the kind of person who likes to see sexy, dancing cougars, unexpected car crashes, comically bad CGI and whiney, crying football fans then you're going to have a very good day. You're also exactly the type of person we like to hang out with, so you've got that going for you too!
Attack Of The Show knows what you like, what makes you laugh, and has an exhaustive list of your private information that includes your PIN numbers.
Check out the latest episode of 'The 1770's Show,' full of classic American historical figures, pantaloons and the legalization of marijuana.

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