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Kevin & Carrie Keagan Explore The Vacuum Bed Fetish Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Posted September 16, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

Kevin And Carrie Keagan Explore The Vacuum Bed Fetish Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Although we normally approach the fetishes explored in WTF with a professional, almost clinical distance, we found ourselves unusually intrigued by the Vacuum Bed fetish. So, as students of the human animal, we had our brave hosts, Kevin and Carrie Keagan try it out so we could understand what the psychological apeal was.

To help in the study, we brought in an expert, Mistress January Seraph and for purely scientific reasons, we took lots of pictures... lots. Please, take a moment to look through them. We're sure you'll find them exhilirating, scientifically speaking, of course!

If photos aren't your thing, you can always look at the video from today's show!

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  • Igot20eyez

    More Carrie Keagan!

    Posted: September 17, 2010 1:35 PM
  • CALiiGeDDon

    Mistress = NOT!!
    Carrie = CUTE

    Posted: September 17, 2010 11:55 AM
  • michaelkittel


    Posted: September 17, 2010 9:49 AM
  • mrbungle33511

    I heart Mistress January...baby wants more!

    Posted: September 17, 2010 2:14 AM
  • Phas3Sh1ft

    Lol at Kevin's package. Looked like he was gonna pop a stiffie if he stayed in there much longer.

    Posted: September 17, 2010 1:51 AM
  • codelist

    I love myself some Carrie Keagan, oh she looked like the most amazing Christmas present wrapped up in that latex.

    Posted: September 16, 2010 6:46 PM
  • Howie_Feltersnatch

    A fetish chick wearing stilettos and a latex corset and pants, and Carrie Keagan's epic cleavage?! BOOM, BAM, POW!

    Posted: September 16, 2010 6:14 PM