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AOTS Wednesday, September 15

Posted September 15, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
Resident Evil...
Shuttle may have a foothold in the small computer world, but they may have outdone themselves with the X350. Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb review the sleek desktop PC that measures 1.5" thick with an Intel dual core processor, NVIDIA Ion2 graphics and built-in Wi-fi for $380.
News and views on the latest in the world of video games, as presented by the experts that rate them for a living.
The latest installment of the popular 'Halo' series is finally here with the release of 'Halo: Reach.' Morgan Webb and Kevin Pereira talk about the Bungie's final return to the 'Halo' universe, if the game lives up to all the hype and what works in the overall game.
Fans of Asian cinema, sit tight! Film experts Chris Gore and Jeff Wong are back with their latest picks from the Far East, like Jackie Chan's 'Little Big Soldier,' 'The Divine Weapon' from South Korea and the fantastical 'Legend of the Tsunami Warrior.'
Learn what to wear in this segment that focuses on the best in the world of clothes and fashion.
Your wardrobe options just got a little sweeter with this featured threads, like a limited edition collaboration between skateboard company, Raw, and comic book artist James Callahan, as well as a customizable sweatshirts from Neighborhoodies.
Tiffany Smith is back with a Wednesday news feeding, covering headlines about the latest announcements from Tokyo Game Show, a story about Google Engineer stalker, the release of IE9 beta and more.
Live fast and furiously with these speedy gadgets from Morgan Webb, like the Valentine One radar detector, a Uniden scanner to track high speeds and more.
Special guests, hot movie coverage, on-location shoots and everything else that only a show like Attack of the Show can show.
Here's something we found on the Internet that was interesting: a clip called 'Pickle Surprise' by video artist Tom Rubnitz. Watch and learn.
The world's a more marvelous place than we ever suspected and your eyes will be open to that fact after seeing today's comic fodder; a seal that yells like man, a gaggle of fighting hipsters and a cat that finds itself stuck between a video camera and a hard place.
The story behind Facebook's creation is coming to theaters soon with David Fincher's new film, 'The Social Network.' Kevin Pereira talks to film critic Devin Faraci and CNET.com's Caroline McCarthy for their thoughts on the movie and how it can help or hurt Facebook.

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