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Piranha's Kelly Brook Visits AOTS & DVDuesday Returns

Posted July 27, 2010 - By Moye Ishimoto

Piranha's Kelly Brook

Here's one beautiful reason why you should watch Attack of the Show tonight. Actress Kelly Brook will be in studio to talk about her summer horror film, Piranha 3D, which follows exactly that: a school of prehistoric man-eating fish terrorize a group of strangers--including the likes of Eli Roth, Jerry O'Connell, Adam Scott and Ms. Brooks herself! Tonight at 7pm, she'll be telling Kevin Pereira all about the film and her Comic-Con experience.

Chris Gore also returns with a brand new DVDuesday, where he'll give his ratings for movie releases like Clash of the Titans, Repo Men and Batman: Under the Red Hood while Kevin explores the issue over copyright and modifying cell phones on The Loop.

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  • CLFresh

    holy guacamole her top booby looks like its tryin to bust outta that swimsuit. me like

    Posted: July 28, 2010 4:54 AM
  • megamanxzxz

    me want

    Posted: July 27, 2010 2:31 PM
  • MaelStrom_

    double breasted OMG! what does this mean?! so intense! WHOOOO!

    Posted: July 27, 2010 1:53 PM
  • thiswillallbeburned


    Will she be wearing something similar to this?


    Will you have piranhas on set?

    Posted: July 27, 2010 12:48 PM
  • JustTheBeginning

    I do not know what looks more fake, those boobs or the CGI in Piranha 3D.

    Posted: July 27, 2010 12:40 PM