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AOTS Wednesday, July 21

Posted July 21, 2010 - By Eugene Morton
Awesomer Than You
Witness the making of "Awesomer Than You," G4's Comic-Con exclusive collaboration with musician Parry Gripp, an action packed, super heroic music video starring Kevin and Olivia with more visual effects and wire work than 'The Matrix.'
HBO's hit show Entourage gets a new female twist with their latest cast member, Sasha Grey. She sits down with Kevin Pereira to talk about working with the all male cast, playing herself on the show and her latest project, 'Malice in Lalaland.'
Pop Culture Explosions with Sara Underwood - Sara Jean Underwood is back at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show and this time, her weapons are aimed at the worst of pop culture. Watch her take out a giant gummy bear, a TV, vuvuzelas and more.
Candace Bailey feeds your brain with today's top stories, from a disguised iPhone tethering app, Facebook's latest member numbers, and more.
Congratulations to Reckless Tortuga, who now rule as the Kings of Dot Comedy. With over 20 members and Kanye West as a fan, this comedy group deserves to be on the top. Find out why.
With multimedia content coming from everywhere, you can now watch it all together on your television with the Western Digital TV Live Plus network media player. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn check out the device that streams online content, access your ho
Why shop for a new summer wardrobe when you can design and create your very own? Learn how to make your own t-shirts with a homemade screen-printing device.
Turtle Can't Escape, Pug Sings 'Batman' Theme, LeBron Wrestling, Donkey Parasailing, Car Load Fail.
Snowboards and skateboards meet videogames in this awesome viral video, Gnarcade, that we found on the Internet that we thought was interesting.
Olivia Munn goes over Kevin Pereira's colorful past of Comic-Con costumes and debut their first costumes for Comic-Con 2010!

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