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The Top Five Games To Play On 420!

Posted April 20, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

It's 420 and of the various activities you'll be engaging in today, video game playing has got to be high on the list, so high in fact that we've created a list of games you'll especially enjoy playing today. It shouldn't be hard to squeeze these in between your lying about lazily and your lying about lackadaisically.

The Top Five Games To Play On 420Pong - Pong isn't the perfect game to play on 420 because even a person with impaired motor skills and hand-eye coordination could master it. Rather, it's the perfect game to play while in an altered state because only then can you comprehend the game's deep, spiritual message. You see, Pong isn't about maneuvering your stick to bounce a ball past another stick, it's about... Well, you'll have to experience it for yourself to find out.

Portal - Portal is mentally taxing. So, why are we recommending it to you when you might be mentally checked out? It's because anyone with a lot of time and patience can beat the game when they're well rested and thinking clearly. It takes a true genius to beat it while you're, let's call it, "feeling groovy." Challenge yourself, gamer!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - It's good for the same reason the behind-the-scenes photos of Olivia on the beach in Hawaii we posted earlier are good; it's filled with impossibly beautiful women wearing bikinis in impossibly beautiful situations. It's definitely worth your time on 420 or any day of the year for that matter.

The Top Five Games To Play On 420Crackdown - Jumping from rooftop to rooftop like you're Neo or The Incredible Hulk is already fun. Doing it with your friend Mary Jane by your side and the "Free for All" DLC pack downloaded, which amplifies your already ramped up agility, is outrageous. You'll get so high you'll never come down (in the game).

Flower - It's hard to explain why flower is so good when you're getting your head right. After all, it lacks the traditional elements that make video games so great, like guns or violence. Maybe it's great because there's none of that stuff to harsh your mellow. You're just like a leaf floating along on the breeze or something, man. Groovy!

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