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Crack The Spine: Why Dark Horse Comics Is Awesome: A Nerd Treatise

Posted April 7, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

Crack The Spine: Why Dark Horse Comics Is Awesome: A Nerd TreatiseBack in your teenage years, did you ever think to yourself, "Wouldn’t it be super cool if they made a movie wherein the xenomorphs from Aliens fought the Predator?" or, "Wouldn’t a movie where RoboCop and the Terminator clashed  be friggin' awesome?" I'll wager that you did, and I'll further wager that if you went to your local comic book shop today and picked up a random cross selection of comics published by Dark Horse, you'd fall into a nerd pleasure coma comparable to hyper sleep. Why? Well, it's because while you were waiting for Hollywood to get its act together and make those movies, Dark Horse was already making all of your nerd fantasies into pulp and ink reality.

You see, Dark Horse is the epitome of nerd fan service. Long before AVP, or its sequel, ever made it to the silver screen, Dark Horse was uniting Sci-Fi movie icons on the printed page in graphic, often gory detail. In the Dark Horse universe, Aliens have tussled with Predators and Robocop has blasted away at Terminators. At some point, believe it or not, even Superman and Batman (who are owned by D.C. Comics) have fought the cinema terrors. There are countless volumes of epic battles involving your favorite movie space monsters and cybernetic terrors (many of which fill in the back story and origins that you never got from the movies themselves).

That's not to mention the other popular movie, TV and video game franchises that nicely fill out the comic publisher's stable, including Star Wars (which, if you started reading all of the fantastic series and mini series now, would keep you occupied until the inevitable release of Episode VII), Conan, Buffy, and recently, Mass Effect. Additionally, the company has a great list of original titles you might recognize, like Hellboy, Sin City, 300, The Mask, Usagio Jimbo, Ghost (one of my personal favorites) Grendel, Martha Washington, Mystery Men and Time Cop. Honestly, the list goes on ad infinitum.

If you've thought of a weird, Sci-Fi crossover scenario, chances are Dark Horse has already done it. If you're looking for awesome works of comic book art that veer from the mainstream, Dark Horse makes them, and if you're not reading what they release on a regular basis, you're missing out. My nerdy friends, Dark Horse Comics is awesome!

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