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Women Of The Web 2 Rundown

Posted December 30, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
mony cab w
In the middle of the Pacific ocean lives an 18 year old professional surfer named Monyca Byrne-Wickey. Kevin Pereira finds out why she was picked as a Women of the Web.
alison stokke
At number two for women of sports is the lovely Allison Stokke, who found Internet fame for her good looks and pole vaulting skills.
nikki gudex
Our number three woman in sports is none other than the lovely Niki Gudex, a champion mountain biker from the land down under.
jessica maine
In the number one spot for women with mad skills, it's badass biker chick, Jessica Maine.
The fashionista, Giannina Lezcano, marks the number two spot of women with mad skills with her sewing talent and DIY tutorials.
andrea grant
In the number three spot for women with mad skills, the sultry poetess Andrea Grant gives Bettie Page a run for her money.
julia ling
You mean know Julia Ling from the TV show 'Chuck' and from 'Command & Conquer', but to us, she's our number one woman of geek culture.
audrey cleo
The vivacious Audrey Cleo makes second place of the top geek girls with her hosting duties for Fear Net, Qore and more.
carol zara
If you like hot nerdy girls, then check out Brazilian blogger Carol Zara who makes the number three spot of our Girls of Geek Culture.
ariel rebel
You know, a city covered in clouds half the year might seem like a cold, dreary place, but thanks to the internet, the women of Montreal are heating the winters up and no one is hotter than our number one woman of Montreal, Ariel Rebel.
misa campo
Proving once again that the home of hockey is a breading ground for unearthly beauty is our number two girl from Montreal, Misa Campo a car import model who can be found on calendars and car magazines everywhere.
Mix fire and ice to get our number three girl from Montreal, Steam, whose exotic looks have landed her edgy magazine spreads and album covers.
Our number one Downloadable Bettie caught our eye in the Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest. This is the absolutely stunning Brandi Reed!
tess taylor
Coming in at number two is the model, dancer and all around internet temptress, Tess Taylor, who you might have seen in the pages of 'Playboy.'
If you've ever fantasized about getting cozy with the sultan's daughter from Aladdin, then we've found your real life replacement. Disney's got nothing on our number three Downloadable Bettie, Jahzmin.
danielle wolfe
Danielle's CampusLOL pictorial was hugely popular and started her on the path to modeling. Danielle balances hitting the books hard during the week with appearing for Maxim in clubs around the country.
robin toler
Our next college girl on the web is CampusLOL's Robin Toler. Robin is currently enrolled in Harvard where she studies American Literature. So, what's a well educated girl like her doing posing on the internet?
erum qayum
Meet Erum Qayum, our number three college girl from CampusLOL. Not your typical Texas cutie, Erum is half Pakistani and half ruler of our wildest fantasies.
katie micucci
Strumming her way into the number one spot is the ukulele sweetness of Katie Micucci. If adorableness were a drug, you'd probably want to cook Katie up in a spoon and mainline her into your veins.
iliza sclesinger
You couldn't keep us from profiling our number two Woman of Comedy, a former AOTS MySpace Girl of the Week, winner of 'Last Comic Standing' and host of 'The Weakly News,' Iliza Shlesinger.
suzi barrett
Our number three woman of comedy is the eloquently worded Suzi Barrett. Suzi caught the internet's attention with a love letter to the city of angels. Nothing's sexier than a lady who can make you laugh.
Congratulations to Katrina who won G4's next Women of the Web contest!

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