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_____s of the Day

Posted December 2, 2009 - By Donell Tucker
_____s of the DayToday's Weird Holiday - Goats For Kids Day
Quote of the Day - "We are made to persist. that's how we find out who we are." - Tobias Wolff

Word of the Day - pundit - (PUN-dit) - authority, critic. Example: I always enjoy watching two intelligent pundits argue about each other's reviews on the movies they have seen.
Record of the Day - Alexander Amosu created the most valuable suit in the world. The $113,000 suit is made out of gold thread, Himalayan Pashmina, Qiviuk and Vicuña.
Born on this Day - Britney Spears - Pop superstar
This Day in History -2001  - Enron Corporation became one of the largest corporate scandal in U.S. history when executives were rewarded 55 million dollars just days before Enron filed for bankruptcy.
Milton Berle Joke of the Day - "I don't mind personal insults, but when you insult the jokes that I tell, you're insulting Fred Allen, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen, Trevor McGee and Molly Picon."
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