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AOTS Visits SEMA '09

Posted November 9, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

AOTS Visits SEMA '09

Attack of the Show isn't just for geeks who only think of videogames, crazy gadgets and fax machines. Sometimes we like to nerd out over other things, like cars. You know, those things that go "vroom" and you can race in Forza Motorsport 3?

Blair Herter geeks out over the latest car gadgets at SEMA 2009 in Las Vegas, where he was able to check out the hottest tools, automotive components and designs available for those who like to take their cars to the next level. He also uncovers the new Lexus LFA that gives Ferrari and Lamborghini some serious competition, and checks out a modified Scion truck with the Kiwi Wifi.

Find out what else he discovered at SEMA in tonight's Attack of the Show live at 7:00pm EST.

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  • gmhl10

    Been a while since I've been at SEMA... gotta find time to go again.

    IDK how Lexus plans on competing with guys like Ferrari and Lamborghini though... $375K starting is way over F430 and Gallardo price and with not that much more of an enhancement over it.
    Even the new McLaren MP4-12C is priced better (like $100K cheaper) and lighter weight and more horsepower and also estimated to be over 200mph.

    And competing against other Japanese supercars (mainly... the R35 GT-R), it's still not THAT much better. Even the R35 Spec-V is less than half the price of the LF-A and a much slower 0-60 time than the V-Spec. Not to mention, in the end, it's still a Toyota.

    Posted: November 9, 2009 5:39 PM
  • gamersince1995

    cool ride but i was expecting a real prototype.. mhmm anyways cool cool!

    Posted: November 9, 2009 11:35 AM