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Viewer Requested Gadget Pr0n: BlackBerry Tour

Posted October 1, 2009 - By Moye Ishimoto

Viewer requested Gadget Pr0n: Blackberry Tour

It's time for a viewer requested Gadget Pr0n! Tonight on Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn get their hands on the BlackBerry Tour. Yup, that's right. It's another Crackberry for diehard fans to swoon over as they email and Twitter away.

The Tour features the signature RIM keyboard, a 480 x 360 resolution screen and an improved interface with 256 MB of memory. Is that and the $150 price tag isn't enough for you then...well. I don't know what to do.

Tune in tonight, October 1st at 7:00pm EST for some hardcore Gadget Pr0n action on Attack of the Show.

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  • vferg

    Ive had it since day 1 and can tell you everything you want to know about it. Its the best phone I have ever had for starters. Its exactly the same design and OS as the Storm but the Tour runs much smoother and faster. Why did they wait so long to review this? and on top of that play it off like its something big and special now?

    Posted: October 2, 2009 9:41 AM
  • Moye

    The device may not be brand new, but there's still value in getting an honest review about it!

    Posted: October 1, 2009 10:02 AM
  • trevorUNC

    this is what g4 tv does reviews devices late cause its not an iphone. If a new iphone came out they would have reviewed it yesterday

    Posted: October 1, 2009 9:29 AM
  • nvserg

    I have the Touch Pro 2 w/T Mobile. very happy with it, not into Black Berry's

    Posted: October 1, 2009 8:54 AM
  • MrPickering

    The Tour is prob the best non-touch screen Blackberry out now but I still prefer the Storm.

    Posted: October 1, 2009 8:36 AM
  • Vergil117

    This is kinda old, this device has been out for like 4 months and your just now reviewing it.

    Posted: October 1, 2009 8:35 AM