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AOTS Monday, August 3

Posted August 3, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
game breakers
It's Kevin Pereira versus X-Play's Adam Sessler as they talk about the pros and cons of the gameplay, visuals and online play in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
Take your comic book dreams to reality with these three great websites that will help you create your own comic book panels and cartoons.
effin science
Science is only cool if you can destroy, melt and make bubbles out of your personal belongings. Learn how to blow bubbles from your old plastic CDs in this edition of 'It's Effin Science.'
gadget pron
Kevin Pereira and Carissa Walford take a look at the Nokia N97 phone to see if the 3.5" touch screen, slide-up keyboard and 3G web browsing is worth the $630.
the loop
Kevin Pereira talks to Joshua Topolsky from Engagdet.com about the flurry of Apple news over the FCC's investigation with Google Voice, Google's Eric Schmidt stepping down from the Apple board and more.
Demolition Fail, Dog Swing, The Big Hit, Crazy Nanny, Zombie Boot Camp.
the feed
Blair Herter has a bright and shiny Monday feeding with news about FCC's investigation into Apple and AT&T, Futurama's cast returning, catching hackers at DefCon and more.
It's a Stanley Kubrick-esqu look at the hardships of zombie military boot camp and the emotional frailties of the undead.
carissa open
Australia's Carissa Walford co-hosts Attack of the Show and helps refresh Kevin Pereira's memory with a special surprise.

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