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AOTS Thursday, July 23

Posted July 23, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Blair Butler rounds up the latest news from Comic-Con '09 regarding Image Comics' upcoming creator drawn crossover book, Image United, the launch of the pirate title Blackbeard, a new Magdalena series and a G.I. Joe mini series.
Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira check in with Blair Butler and Alison Haislip down in San Diego at Comic-Con 2009 and what you can expect from G4's live coverage, including the latest movie and TV news, a tour of the convention floor and more.
It's Kevin Pereira' and Olivia Munn's turn to bring you a Thursday feeding of news about Frank Miller's '300' sequel draft, 'Saw' director James Wan on 'Castlevania,' A 'Halo Legends' anime series and more.
the loop
You know it's coming. It's just a matter of time. Kevin Pereira talks to Harvard Medical School Professor Steven C Scholzman about understanding the living dead, their biology and why they like to eat our brains so much.
Chris Hardwick reviews the MyTouch 3G, the latest Android phone for T-Mobile designed by HTC with a 3.2" touch screen, 3.2 mega pixel camera and smooth, sleek form. Find out if T-Mobile has brought another iPhone competitor to the mobile market.
Don't get lost in San Diego this weekend because Alison Haislip is here to give you the ins and outs of Comic-Con '09, from the best panels, navigating the geek crowds and more.
Juggalo Weekend, Jet Ski Ends Picnic, Smut Cave, Horse Soccer, Pruane Got Glasses.
Kevin Pereira tries to incorporate his various product endorsements into Attack of the Show.
The minions of Jigsaw are back with this exclusive trailer for Saw VI.

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  • hiroshirodriguez

    olivia munn i have gone thru recent seriouse hardships in my life and just learned english the way i mostly learned was from u and kevin i am kind of like u i grew up in okinowa japan and am not american i am japanese and spanish i just wanted u 2 no that i love and suport u and hopefully u respond 2 my i watch and love every episode and will hopefully heer from u

    Posted: July 23, 2009 8:14 PM