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AOTS Friday, July 17

Posted July 17, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Correspondent Kelly Egarian took one for the team with a special trip to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual porn festival, Erotica LA, to check out what's selling in the sex industry.
Headbutt Windshield, Palm Pre Girl, The Russian Hit Me Baby, Auto-Tune the News #6, Viking Folk Rock.
Earn a new wrinkle in your brain by learning the effin' science on how the Swiss pulse-jet engine works.
Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip cover the Canon D10, a weatherproof digital camera that could be perfect for your next camping trip where you scuba-dive into the Artic Ocean.
X-Play's Adam Sessler stops by to break down 'Battlefield 1943,' the latest game in the historical online shooter game available on Xbox Live and PSN.
Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn dive into the world of WTF with 'salirophilia,' the strange sexual fetish for the wet, messy, and squishy. Just like pie!
women of the web
Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it's only natural that Women of the Web is all about the sexy heroines from the pages of our favorite comics, like Wonder Woman, Psylocke, Emma Frost and more.
best of mouth -aots
It's all the past times Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn put things in their most used orifices. That's their mouth, you dirty person!

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