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Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0

Posted July 17, 2009 - By InternMeg


Hey hey hey! It's time again for another Intern's Corner. We skipped last week because things got a little crazy with AOTS's 1000th show, which was awesome! I got to help interview Sarah Lane and watch Kevin Pereira catch a greased pig. (Poor piggy!) So, this week, I'm bringing the Intern's Corner back with a discussion of my top 5 horror games.

Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0

5. Left 4 Dead - Zombies. A lot of people think know that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. Most of those people work here, at g4tv.com. We take zombies very seriously and they scare the crap out of us. So, Left 4 Dead left me a little jumpy long after I'd switched it off. Of course, this isn't truly a horror title at heart, but having zombies in your face is scary, even if it's just for the sake of a shooter.

Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0

4. Resident Evil 4 - What's this? Another zombie game? Yes. Deal. On top of the fast-paced action sequences, the possibility of having one's head removed with a chainsaw, and cut scenes that didn't give players a break (when was I supposed to pee during this game?!) players spent a good deal of the game being subjected to the ferocious, high-pitched whining of Ashley, the president's daughter. (LEEEOOON!) Don't pretend you didn't let her die a few times just for kicks. I know I did. As much as I love this game, I must admit that it, like Left 4 Dead, scores high in the "jumpy scares" category and low in the "long-lasting scares" category.

Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0

3. Silent Hill 2 - I didn't play this title when it was initially released. A friend of mine insisted that I play it a few years ago. I had my doubts, but this game was actually incredibly creepy. Even with the dated looked of the game and the fact that I didn't have the advantage of a HUD, I still loved this title. Listing all the things that made this game scary would take entirely too long, so I'll sum it up in two words: Pyramid Head.

Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0
2. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly - Just look at this picture. Creepy. I'll probably have nightmares about this game tonight. Wonderful. This game combined two of my (embarrassingly lame) fears: ghosts and the dark. Also, any game that ends (*SPOILERS*) with you strangling your twin sister is pretty damn creepy in my book.

Intern's Corner: Meg's Turn 2.0

1. The 7th Guest - I can't say enough about this game. This title was creepy, ahead of its time, and, at times, damn hard. When I played it as a kid (admittedly, mostly watching over my mom's shoulder), it absolutely blew my mind. Granted, it wasn't written, nor intended, for children, and that's probably why I was both scared senseless and completely stumped when it came to some of the puzzles. For a game that was originally released in 1992, The 7th Guest packed a punch in the way of technological advances, featuring in-game videos and an amazingly responsive user interface. Of course, nowadays we're quite spoiled when it comes to graphics and user compatibility. However, if you fire this game up, I think you'll still be quite impressed with what it has to offer. It's a puzzler at heart, and although the spookiness of the story does get lost from time to time due to the various paths players could take in solving puzzles, the idea of a madman killing people off in a spooky old mansion is scary. Period.


So, that's it for my countdown. Did any of your favorites fall short of my top 5? If you want to talk more about horror games or have questions for any of the interns, just leave a comment or find me on twitter: @megturney.


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    Looks like a cool zombie game!


    Posted: July 18, 2009 7:55 PM