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Rants From The Morning Meeting 07.01.09

Posted July 1, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

Like nature, the things one hears in the morning meeting are wild and random. However, there's a theme that runs through today's rants. See if you can pick up on the subtle threads that run throughout.

"Like, the girl who just sits there with her mouth open is pretty charming."

"She actually used science!"

"He may have lost funding."

"We're not sure what part of your body has multiple cracks in it."

"We're not getting out of our chairs!"

"It's still on fire and claiming victims."

"Babies will laugh at it."

"Do not click on the blowhole!"

"He's totally inside this whale."

"Nobody really kidnaps whales.They kill them for their blubber, their tasty, tasty blubber."

"Can we get a harpoon gun?"

Tags: Comedy

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