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'AOTS' Monday, April 20

Posted April 20, 2009 - By Eugene Morton
Every year, 'High Times' magazine hosts a contest in Amsterdam to find the world's best strain of marijuana. This year, we behold the spectacle that is the 21st annual Cannabis Cup.
This now-classic bit of television gold is being brought back and re-cut to reveal even more about that fateful day that Olivia donned a bikini, dove off a cliff in Jamaica, and hurt her bottom.
Kevin has a chat about legalizing marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of 'Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed...' in today's 420 Loop.
Doug Benson and Alison Haislip travel to Oakland, CA to visit the newly built Oaksterdam University, a.k.a. Cannabis College to learn a thing or two about the cultivation of the wacky herb.
Kevin took to the road to visit a small town in Northern Australia called Nimbin, where a collective of locals who started a festival in 1973 are seen as the country's last stand for legalization.
Back in 2008, Kevin and Olivia went to Jamaica to experience the full 420 experience, but they also went to check out Miss Brown's Tea House where they make mysterious mushroom tea.
Kevin and Guest Co-Host Doug Benson have 30 seconds to create a bong out of a pile of seemingly worthless objects. The big question will be, "Will it Smoke?"
Apparently, aussies got very close to legalizing the herb just recently but weren't able to seal the deal, so while Kevin was in Sydney, he visited with a member of parliament and a local marijuana historian to see what went wrong.
Whan I goin a eery, me want a translator for I. Back in Jamaica, Big C gets a street lesson in the local slang and actually hears about a word that's so bad, you can get arrested for using it.
Check out this clip from Doug Benson's cannabis opus where he stays high continuously for 30 days to see what effect it has on the human body.
Olivia continues her countdown of her top 5 favorite Jamaica episode segments, this one being number 4; The Appleton Rum Factory.
Off the beaten path lies a gigantic and massively illegal marijuana farm in the Jamaican countryside and Kevin got himself a little tour of the grounds.

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