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DVDuesday Bonus Features: Obscure Comic Book Characters WIth Major Motion Pictures

Posted April 14, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

Chris Gore will be on hand in today's show to talk about the DVD release of The Spirit. Before the movie got the grand treatment on the silver screen, it was a comic book by legendary creator, Will Eisner that most people hadn't heard of. Accordingly, today's Bonus Features will profile the big screen adaptations of some of the more obscure comic book characters ever created.

DVDuesday Bonus Features: Obscure Comic Characters WIth Major Motion PicturesHoward the Duck - Before he was the centerpiece of a bad Lucasfilm endeavor, Howard the Duck was the foul mouthed, acerbic, truth-spewing star of his own title from Marvel Comics. The character still makes appearances in Marvel books today (you can spot him in issue #6 of Secret Invasion, for example), although you're not likely to ever see him on the silver screen again.

Tank Girl - This multimillion dollar dud from 1995, actually helped bankrupt the magazine in which the Tank Girl comic originated. Who would have thought that an adaptation of a comic book about a chick in a tank who fights an evil megacorp, along with talking kangaroos, would fail?

The Shadow - "The Shadow Knows" was the tag line for this Alec Baldwin vehicle about an avenging, noir hero with magic powers. What the Shadow didn't know was that many comic fans hadn't heard of his book from the 1940s, and certainly hadn't heard his radio serial from the 1930s. Ultimately, the movie would stand in the shadow of the other films released at the same time.

Barb Wire - The movie was mostly an excuse to get Pam Anderson into tight, leather clothes (like anyone needed an excuse). However, it wasn't just that, it was also a chance for Dark Horse Comics to cash in on the limited popularity of the comic book (the series only ran for nine issues) vixen of the same name. All people remember today is the Razzie nominated film and that's probably for the best.

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