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Posted April 2, 2009 - By TylerColfax

The furniture at IKEA has weird names. Sometimes, when combined, they get a little nasty and sound like sexual maneuvers. If you then photoshop those maneuvers all day at work during your down time, you might end up with something like this...

Special thanks to Jeffrey, an avid G4 watcher, for pointing out this hilarious quirk of life.

Billy Bersgbo
The Billy presents suggestively and is mounted from behind by the larger, more dominate Bergsbo.

Expedit Grevback
The frisky Grevback occasionally gets lonely in the den and wanders into the study late at night for an Expedit rendez-vous.

Lyckhem Kramfors
Kramfors is always submissive when the sun goes down and Lyckhem stalks the halls.

Harry Pappis
The Harry is rarely in the mood, but when it is, Pappis is the first to act.

Balser Not
Make up your mind. Balser Not? I'll go with Not.

Fartyg Anes
This bathroom/bedroom pairing causes an unbearable stench but has to be one of the more beautiful pairings in the home.

Letten Aneboda
These four IKEA pieces have an odd symbiotic reproductive relationship. The Letten allows Aneboda to pierce its negative space while Hopen wraps itself tight around the pairing to receive its jolleys. The Svajs typically watches from a distance.

So, the next time you're at IKEA, watch your back because they are a randy bunch of Scandinavian humpers and nobody's saying a word about it.

Tags: Comedy

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