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Crack The Spine: The Comics That Comic Book Characters Read

Posted March 19, 2009 - By Eugene Morton

watchmenWith great relish, AOTS is celebrating the DVD release of Tales of the Black Freighter, the animated adaptation of the comic within the Watchmen graphic novel. However, that's not the only time comics have appeared within other comics. Some of your favorite comic book characters love funny books as well. Find out which heroes enjoy reading pulp fiction and which books they bag board.

Batman - Until crime has vanished from Gotham, the man under the cape and cowl is stuck living the life of a masked vigilante. To escape his self-imposed torment he reads the Spanish romance comic, El Romance del Multimillonario about a suave, young billionaire who spends his time running his company, gallivanting in the big city and wooing the ladies. You see, that's the life he so longs for, but can't have. Bruce Wayne only plays the role of a billionaire playboy in the same way nerds at Comic Con cosplay as Batman. For him, El Romance del Multimillonario is pure escapism, a glorified look at the life he wishes he had.

Howard the Duck - This foul mouthed fowl doesn't read comics. Instead, he spends those free hours not used decrying society's ills watching successful comic book to movie adaptations. It's gotten so bad, he routinely mouths along to lines from Blade and X2: X-Men United. It doesn't make him forget his aborted attempt at crossover success back in 1986, but it does sooth the pain for ninety minutes at a time.

Spider-Man - Funny enough, Spidey reads All Star Superman. The epic battles with out-of-this-world villains mirror his own, but unlike Peter Parker's alter ego, Clark Kent's super persona receives nothing but love and adulation from the public. The web slinger cries himself to sleep wishing he could get the respect that Supes does, leaving only soaked comic book pages and unfulfilled dreams.

Avengers- In a meta turn, Earth's Mightiest Heroes have all read and re-read Watchmen. The portions of the graphic novel dealing with the dissolution of the hero group, the Minutemen really hit home when one of their own, the Scarlet Witch  tore the group apart with several hostile acts fueled by her insane rage.

Spawn- When Lt. Al Simmons died, he made a pact with the devil so he could return to  the land of the living to be with his wife. Unfortunately for Al, he returned five years later and in the body of a maggot infested corpse. Things never went all that well for him after that. He reads the zombie title, The Walking Dead, not because he relishes the thought of humanity being overrun with monsters, but because it's just nice to see Undead Americans like himself come up on the winning side of things for once.

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